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One of America's leading developed facilities.Business Men

The Arkansas Aeroplex is a multi-modal transportation facility located in northeastern Arkansas. The Aeroplex is located in Blytheville, Arkansas on Interstate 55 between St. Louis and Memphis. The Arkansas Aeroplex resides on the grounds of the former Eaker Air Force Base. The base closed in 1992 and has re-opened as a general aviation/commercial airport and industrial park.

The Arkansas Aeroplex is divided into five areas to help you establish and expand your business. The Office Park, Distribution Center, Aviation Park, Industrial Park, and Arkansas International Airport have more than enough facilities and technology to help any business that decides to land here. And when we say facilities and technology, we mean 1.5 million square feet and fiber-optics. Many training programs are available as well as undeveloped land, daycare facilities, a golf course, a bowling alley and other business and leisure ventures. This multi-faceted complex is the top choice to get your business off the ground.

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Arkansas Aeroplex
4701 Memorial Drive
Blytheville, AR
Phone: (870) 532-2100
Fax: (870) 532-2146
E-mail: barrett10@sbcglobal.net
Web: http://aeroplex.dina.org

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